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Comparison of our hosting plans

You can compare our hosting plans and choose free or paid hosting. 

Characteristics FREE PRO
Number of websites * 2 5
Parked domains * 2 5
Disk space 1 Gb 10 Gb
Data transfer 10 Gb 100 Gb
Sub Domains 2 5
РНР Support Yes Yes
MySQL Databases 2 5
phpMyAdmin Yes Yes
FTP Accounts 2 5
E-mail accounts 2 5
Mailbox Size 10 Mb 50 Mb
Webmail No Yes
Mail Forwarders Yes Yes
Cron Jobs 1 5
MX Record editor Yes Yes
DNS Zone Editor No Yes
Website Builder
No Yes
Website Statistics No Yes
Custom Error Pages No Yes
Website Templates No Yes
Backups No Yes
Error Logs Yes Yes
SSH No Yes
IP Deny Manager No Yes
Password Protect Directories No Yes
Hotlink Protection No Yes
Technical Support** Yes Yes
Price $0.00 from $ 2.75


There is full PHP support on all hosting plans, including Zend, ionCube, curl, dom, ftp, gd and many others.

Administration has a right to suspend accounts that use scripts which cause high CPU load for a long time, send or receive large amounts of data using sockets or curl, mass mailing scripts, or abuse the server in other way.

If your script uses external data sources (loads weather info, currency rates etc using sockets or curl) you must use cache for obtained data. If your CMS will query external source each time somebody opens your website, later when your popularity will raise your account will be blocked for high resource usage, so please optimize any resource usage at development stage.

We require websites hosted for free must be active. If your website will get less than 5 visits per month it will be suspended. You'll receive an email with unsuspend link, but if you wont use it within 2 weeks the website will be deleted. Details are in our TOS.

Some functions are disabled on free hosting plan: system, exec, proc_open, passthru, set_time_limit, ini_restore, ini_alter, dl, pfsockopen, popen, and few others. Demons are forbidden. You can find more viewing phpinfo.


*Number of websites means number of independent websites you can host unsing your hosting plan. Every website could have own domain or free sub-domain that we provide. Additionaly, you may add corresponding number of parked domains.

** Free hosting client could get basic technical support. PRO client could extended support. Having problem to setup and install the website CMS script? We are here ready to help you on those script installation and setup. Although we are not the script provider, but we will try our best to get the problem solved for you.

Launching the free hosting services

After long time preparations and development we are ready to announce the launch of

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